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The business world is moving faster than ever. Follow companies and professionals and be the first to know about key events or developments.

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  • Follow and get updates

    Follow companies or people and track their every move

    With Bizzy you can easily follow companies or people and be notified when a company was mentioned in the press, raised money, appointed a new director, a person launched a new company, started a new position and much more.

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  • Signals of financial trouble

    Be notified when your customer or supplier gets into financial trouble

    You want to make sure that customers can pay their invoices and suppliers can still deliver your materials? Be notified when they get into financial trouble and be ahead of potential risks.

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  • Monitor

    Monitor your competitors

    Follow all your competitors and monitor their moves closely. Stay in the know of their press activity, and most important; their financial results. Use all this information to stay ahead of the game.

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  • Opportunities

    Find investment opportunities

    Be the first to seize investment opportunities by getting notifications about new companies and startups that are founded in your network and sectors of interest. We also help you keep tabs on companies’ milestones, so you don’t miss out on anything!

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  • Conversation starter

    Know the ideal time to contact a sales lead

    Looking for a conversation starter with a new potential customer? Get updates when there has been a key development at your lead’s company and find the perfect way in.

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Get updates about companies and people

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Company data and insights

Get an overview on your competitors, potential customers or business partners.

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Prospecting with advanced search

Are you looking for leads, investment prospects or players in a specific market? Bizzy’s advanced search gives you the companies you are really looking for.

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News about companies

Get latest headlines for business news about companies and people.

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