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Understand and qualify companies with our company search. We brought all relevant business insights and updates together in one place.

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All relevant business insights and updates in one place

company search

Understand and qualify companies

Get an instant view on all relevant data points from official sources, company websites, news and social sites. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to easy and efficient research.

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company updates

Get signals on key developments

Stay on top of the latest developments and updates from the companies and contacts you follow, and never miss out on potential sales or investment opportunities.

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contact data

Get contact details

Do you want to get in touch with a potential customer or business partner? Find professional email addresses or phone numbers from companies and key decision makers right away.

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Access business data you need from where you need it

financial data exports

Export financial data to Excel or CSV

Do you want to take financial data elsewhere for further analysis or want to share it with colleagues? You can easily export full company financials to Excel or CSV.

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CRM integrations

Connect with CRM

Improve your sales and marketing efficiency by seamlessly integrating the latest business insights and updates into your CRM. Push new prospects and leads, or enrich your existing records with our intelligent matching system.

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API connections

Connect with APIs

Leverage relevant business insights and updates right into your own systems by connecting with our APIs.

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our data and insights

Smart and up-to-date data

Our proprietary algorithms are constantly scanning official sources, company websites, socials and news to deliver up-to-date and reliable business data and insights.



We collect company data about more than 10 million businesses in Belgium and the United Kingdom.


Decision makers

We have links to over 16 million directors, shareholders, and founders in our database.



Since last year we have processed over 160 million official publications and annual accounts.



We generate and push over 80,000 updates per month on companies and decision makers.

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Join over 10,000+ professionals already using Bizzy.