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    Bizzy brings you the best available data presented in a crystal clear way, and notifies you of changes and opportunities in your business environment. We work hard, so you don’t have to.

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    Get an overview of different industries and discover warning signs and red flags way ahead. Because data is power.

Bizzy team

  • Photo of Hendrik Keeris
    Hendrik Keeris


  • Photo of Steve Declercq
    Steve Declercq


  • Photo of Nicolas Van Eenaeme
    Nicolas Van Eenaeme


  • Photo of Lorenz Bogaert
    Lorenz Bogaert


  • Photo of Toon Coppens
    Toon Coppens


  • Photo of Laurens Verschuere
    Laurens Verschuere


  • Photo of Edita Dermontaité
    Edita Dermontaité

    Head of Product & Design

  • Photo of Hans Vertriest
    Hans Vertriest

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Photo of Lucas Van de Velde
    Lucas Van de Velde


  • Photo of Lucas Belpaire
    Lucas Belpaire

    Data Scientist

  • Photo of Arno Waegemans
    Arno Waegemans

    Full-Stack Developer Intern

  • Photo of Rob Scheirlinckx
    Rob Scheirlinckx

    Full-Stack Developer Intern

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  • Growth Marketeer

    Marketing | Ghent

    Help making buzz around Bizzy by finding and executing marketing growth hacks

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  • Software Engineering Intern

    Engineering | Ghent

    Assist in back-end data processing and help build awesome features for our mobile and web app

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  • Data Science Intern

    Engineering | Ghent

    Apply state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to make Bizzy’s data smart and relevant

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