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Financial health, key people, employee insights and company information are at your fingertips, so you can be in the know of your competition, potential customers and partners.

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  • General company info

    Check general company information

    Our intuitive company pages provide all foundational data you need from address, VAT number, website, socials to company descriptions and keywords.

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  • Company financials

    Consult financials, ratios and financial health

    Balance sheets or profit and loss statements and their evolution over time? Tick! Look up key numbers in a company's financial statement, see the historical trend and get an instant view on the financial health of a company with ratios and indicators.

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  • Key people

    See who’s behind the company: directors, shareholders and founders

    Know who your stakeholders are and find out who to reach out to! Get a detailed overview of the directors, key managers, shareholders and founders of each company.

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  • Employees

    Get employee insights

    People are the main driving force of a company. Find out how a company has been growing its team over the years and which profiles they are hiring.

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  • Recent news

    Read the most recent company news

    Stay in the know about the companies or people you’re interested in! We provide you with the most recent company news. You can consult curated articles from the most important newspapers and sites all in one go.

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Are you looking for leads, investment prospects or players in a specific market? Bizzy’s advanced search gives you the companies you are really looking for.

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Follow companies and professionals and be the first to know about key events or developments.

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Get latest headlines for business news about companies and people.

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