We bring AI at the forefront of business development and sales

Our ultimate goal is to help business developers to get rid of all manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks and help them focus on what really matters: relationship building and selling.



We collect company and contact data about more than 21 million businesses.


Decision makers

We have links to over 30 million directors, shareholders and founders in our database.



Since last year we have processed over 170 million official publications and annual accounts.


Website pages

We look for contact and company data in over 110 million website pages and social media profiles.

Our story

We’re just getting started

We’ve already helped over 10,000+ companies.

Bizzy was founded in the summer of 2021 in the vibrant city of Ghent, Belgium, by two former classmates Hendrik Keeris and Steve Declercq, and the experienced entrepreneurs behind the boutique venture builder StarApps.

We discovered that the process of researching companies could be time-consuming and frustrating, with endlessly navigating online company data, struggling with manual and repetitive work, and coping with incomplete and outdated data. Things that hindered our ability to make informed decisions and effectively focus on more impactful tasks.

After doing thorough research, we found out that a lot of sales professionals, marketers and investors were facing similar struggles. We decided to take action and embarked on a mission to drive business success by unleashing the power of B2B data. Our goal was to enable business developers and investors to easily find, understand and follow companies with the help of smart and automated business insights. Bizzy was born!

Today at Bizzy, we’ve already come a long way on that mission. Our team of highly talented people has built an online platform that attracts more than 200,000 monthly visitors and brings data to our customers via CRM integrations and APIs. We believe there are three things that make us special:

  • We bring all relevant European data from different sources together in a structured and convenient way.
  • We use the newest technologies in AI and machine learning to fully automate our data collection and analysis, making all insights much smarter and more up-to-date than ever before.
  • We focus on the experience of our users, making sure that our software and tools are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into their daily routines.

We’re just getting started, so stay tuned!

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Meet our team 👋

Bizzy brings together a bunch of talented and driven people that are committed to creating the best business data solutions out there.

picture of Hendrik Keeris
Hendrik KeerisCo-Founder / CEOAligning our plans, team members and actions
picture of Steve Declercq
Steve DeclercqCo-Founder / CCOIntroducing our business data solutions to the market
picture of Nicolas Van Eenaeme
Nicolas Van EenaemeCo-FounderSupporting our engineering team with technical experience
picture of Lorenz Bogaert
Lorenz BogaertCo-FounderFuelling our team and growth with entrepreneurial spirit
picture of Toon Coppens
Toon CoppensCo-FounderPutting business experience in our product and growth plans
picture of Laurens Verschuere
Laurens VerschuereCTOSteering our engineering team in building the best technology
picture of Edita Dermontaité
Edita DermontaitéCPOCrafting a top-notch user experience for our data solutions
picture of Hans Vertriest
Hans VertriestFull-Stack DeveloperCreating our Lead Generator and API connections
picture of Lucas Van de Velde
Lucas Van de VeldeData EngineerCollecting and processing relevant business data
picture of Lucas Belpaire
Lucas BelpaireData ScientistPowering our AI and machine learning algorithms
picture of Arno Waegemans
Arno WaegemansFull-Stack DeveloperBringing business insights to our platform and users’ CRMs
picture of Quintin Coryn
Quintin CorynFull-Stack DeveloperDeveloping innovative features and enhancing user experience on our platform
picture of James Smet
James SmetSDRSpreading the Bizzy story and finding new customers
picture of Tijs De Greef
Tijs De GreefAccount ExecutiveScaling our sales process to hit our next milestone
picture of Benjamin Adams
Benjamin AdamsAccount ExecutiveScaling our sales process to hit our next milestone
picture of Maarten Pitteurs
Maarten PitteursSDRSpreading the Bizzy story and finding new customers
picture of Cedric Vanderghote
Cedric VanderghoteAccount ExecutiveScaling our sales process to hit our next milestone
picture of Pieter Casneuf
Pieter CasneufBoard MemberMentoring our team to take successful next steps
picture of David Du Pré
David Du PréBoard MemberFuelling our Go-to-Market strategy and plans
picture of Klaas Bosteels
Klaas BosteelsData Science AdvisorMaking sure we’re building the smartest algorithms out there

“Bizzy is an absolute team effort. It’s amazing to see everyone’s drive and passionate involvement!”

— Hendrik

Co-Founder & CEO, Bizzy

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We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for talented people.