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An easy-to-use, intuitive platform that gives all the up-to-date information you need to have the most transparent & reliable view on your business world

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  • Quick and easy
    company check

    Are you looking for relevant information about your new customer, supplier or business encounter? Bizzy allows you to quickly check a company and consult important company information and financials. You can search on company name or VAT number.

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  • Search
    company details

    Do you need company details for billing or further research? With Bizzy you can easily find it. Check a company's VAT number by company name or find its legal form, address, age, status or main activities.

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  • See company directors
    and shareholders

    Want to know the faces behind the company? Bizzy shows you the company's key stakeholders. Find out who the directors, shareholders and key managers are.

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  • Lookup company highlights
    and financial health

    Bizzy wants to make business insights available to everyone by showing company highlights and a company's financial health in an easily interpretable way. You can check the financial status of a company without having to dig into financial details.

    Image lookup-highlights-health
  • Check company
    financials and history

    Want to dig a bit deeper into the company's balance sheet or profit/loss statement? Bizzy got you covered! Lookup key numbers of a company's financial statement and see the historical trend.

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